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It takes an auto refinisher to know an auto refinisher. For years, Klean-Strip Automotive has been making products that make your job easier. And it all started with two guys who just wanted their paint to stick.

Spot Refinishing

Painting methods for plastics vary. Some need traditional methods. Some need adhesion promoters and flex agents. Bulldog does both.

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Metal Fender Refinishing

Most adhesion promoters are plastic-specific so they don't stick to metal and any overspray must be removed. Bulldog sticks to everything.

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Plastic Bumper Refinishing

Bulldog works on unpainted, painted, and factory primed bumpers. It also works great for difficult two-tone bumpers.

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Naked Gun® Body Shop

Learn how Naked Gun® easily removes paint from your equipment

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AIRCRAFT® Paint Remover

Learn how AIRCRAFT® Paint Remover effectively removes finishes from the metal surfaces of automobiles, trucks and cycles.

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