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KS-Pro Paint Thinner

This product has been discontinued.

Klean-Strip® KS Pro Paint Thinner is a new, revolutionary safer paint thinner formula that thins, cleans and preps paint and paint surfaces. It is milky-white in color and can be used to thin any color of oil-based paint, stain and varnish without affecting the color of the dried paint. KS Pro® is ideal for removing grease and dirt from metal, plastic, wood and painted surfaces so paint will adhere better. It also cleans greasy, oily or waxy soils around the home and garage. KS Pro® is excellent for cleaning up after a painting project by removing paint spills and cleaning brushes, pans, buckets, rollers, stirring tools, foam applicators, and spray equipment. Nylon and natural brushes are left soft and in great condition

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Product Details

Product Number / Size

GKKP94407 - Gallon

Directions for use

Thinning Oil-based Coatings: Add gradually and stir thoroughly until desired consistency is obtained. Do not use to thin latex paint.

Cleaning Tools & Surfaces: Apply to an absorbent material such as a cotton cloth or rag and wipe. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Cleaning Brushes & Rollers: Agitate brush or roller in product until all residue is dissolved. Press out excess, wipe with a clean towel, and lay flat to dry.

Cleaning Spray Guns: Follow spray gun manufacturer’s instructions.

Neither this product nor any of its ingredients are considered to be flammable liquids by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

The “Directions for Use” are included to help you better understand our product. However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively. Prior to using any of our products, you should always read the entire label including all cautions. A copy of the current label is linked to this webpage.

Technical Information

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